Ore.Bz Help

Howto register, activate 2FA, deposit coin and fiat

Here are 10 simple steps for registration, activation, and add the deposit at the exchange Ore.Bz.

Ok, lets go!

Click "SIGN UP" of main page site:

Fill the email, password and confirm password:

Go to you favorite email programm and click on link for activation:

Ok, next step is activation Google 2FA. This is necessary for your safety:

Please install "Google Authenticator" application on your smart phone (OS: Android or iOS) for activate menu "Funds":


Start application and tap "Begin Setup":


Next, tab "Scan a barcode" and scan from you display QR code from activation 2FA page Ore.Bz:


Put digits from Google Authenticator in selected form:

Good! Time of request Bitcoin (or any coin) address and send coins to you deposit. Go "Funds" menu, click to coin deposit, click "New Address" and send coins to generated for you address (exchange requred 6 confirmation of transactions):

For add fiat deposit in USD or EUR, go to "Funds" menu, click to USD or EUR deposit, click "Add" deposit account:

Add fiat bank account (current only Payeer), example:

Return to "Funds" menu, USD or EUR deposit, select bank account and put sum in USD or EUR and click "Submit", next, click button "Pay Now!" for open Payeer site and complite transaction:

Congratulations! Happy trade!