Collective PoS mode on GBCGoldCoin

The good news for holders of coins

The exchange Ore.Bz, in an experimental mode, we introduce a function of mining the collective PoS!

What does it mean?

This means that those coins that are on the balance of the exchange, will bring you a small profit, not just lying dead weight.

Payments will be made once a week, in equal shares In accordance with the number of coins to your balance.

What's interesting?

Unlike mining PoS on your personal (home) wallet, where the coins are not so much on the wallet mining exchanges with a large number of coins gives you many times more chances of getting a reward, ie it's almost a win-win.

Important: Without exception, your coins are involved in mining, and those who are on the balance sheet and those that are blocked on the orders.

More coins - more profit!